Solve A Problem with Tinder Conversation Starter -

Solve A Problem with Tinder Conversation Starter

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So, why are Conversation starters so important on the new dating app, Tinder? Obviously, you’ve heard what it’s all about. Since its release in 2020, Tinder has become a hot topic of conversation among everyone who has an iPhone or laptop, especially those who are too busy to look outside of their home for love. The concept is as simple as it is: you browse through people’s profiles and then read a short bit about them by checking out their photo.

After you’ve chosen someone to swipe right with, your next step is to get to know that person a little more. This is where the Conversation starter comes in. You simply swipe right on someone that you like and then read up on their likes, dislikes and hobbies. This will help you get a feel for how you both interact with each other.

How To Start Tinder Conversation?

In addition to just reading about what a person likes, you can also read about their life. For instance, if they live in California, you can find out if they drink a lot of coffee, which makes it hard to have a conversation, but who says you need to be a snob? If you are in a similar situation, you might also want to know about their favorite music, or if they enjoy sports and movies. It’s also important to check if a person likes the same type of food and drinks you do.


In addition to swiping right on someone based on what they like and dislike, a Conversation starter could also tell you about their location. If you find yourself at a bar or club often, then maybe this person will be a good fit. On the other hand, if you’re always at home and never go out, then you may want to avoid that person. You don’t want to be left feeling uncomfortable when you meet someone you’ve only seen online. This information is valuable information for everyone, including the person on the receiving end of it.

As you read through the information, decide whether or not it’s a person you would like to chat with more, and if so, what you would like to talk about. Some people say that you can only ask questions, but not answers, so if they don’t want to answer at first, then give up on them. You can’t force someone to say something if they don’t want to.

Tinder Conversation Helps To Stay Connected

Also, be careful with what conversations you initiate and who you end them with. You don’t want to set yourself up for rejection and humiliation. If you start conversations with someone and make it obvious that you’re interested in them, then there’s a chance you won’t get a second date at all. Before you give them your phone number, make sure that it’s from someone you trust.

Solve A Problem with Tinder Conversation Starter
Solve A Problem with Tinder Conversation Starter

The conversation starter is also a great tool if you’re interested in other users of the application. By talking about other users, you can find out what they think of the service and see what other people think of the person you’re swiping right with. Some people may even leave you their contact information on the profile, allowing you to follow up with them. You can even find out who their friends are and see if they’ve taken part in any conversations with them.


If you find that you have nothing in common with another person on the first round, don’t feel bad, just keep swiping right. Remember, no one gets rejected on a dating app for nothing. The app is about meeting and attracting new people and keeping track of who you already know.

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