Mystery Date Board Game: Thriller Board Games For The Couple!

mystery date board game

Mystery date game is a traditional regeneration of 1965’s original mystery date board game. You can have that nostalgic experience and thriller game once again. In addition to this, it’s an enthusiastic game where one has to figure out which fella (man) wait for you on the other side of that white date game door.

The game envelopes different game types, including playing pieces to cards to the original artwork. The mystery board date game’s new version is the same with the same old rules. Your job is to win the game by opening the door when your overall look matches the mystery date. Moreover, the game gives you the ultimate fun in its limited edition. All we can say is, have fun with this decorative tin at your home!

Origin Of The Game

First, starting with the beginning of the mystery date game, it was introduced in 1965 by the company naming, Milton Bradley. In no time, mystery date board game became the popular & favorite board date game for different age teens & tweens. 

Whether your friends want to have a slumber party or want a fun time on Sunday or Saturday afternoon, a bucket full of laughter is not going anywhere when you play this game. In all, laughter marked the beginning of this beautiful mystery date game.

Moreover, you can play this fantastic game by having 2 to 4 players. Also, this version of the mystery game is recommended for teen girls aging from 6 to 14.

About The Hasbro Corporation And Milton Bradley Company 

Mystery Date Board Game:  Thriller Board Games For The Couple
Mystery Date Board Game: Thriller Board Games For The Couple

In the year 1860, Milton company began production of board date games in beautiful Massachusetts. Also, the company reached several heights to attain the biggest name in the board games in Massachusetts. The game company was taken over by Hasbro Corporation to keep up the brand name of Milton Bradley in 1984.

How To Play The Game

Mystery Date Board Game:  Thriller Board Games For The Couple
Mystery Date Board Game: Thriller Board Games For The Couple

In Mystery Date Board Game, the board’s center comprises a big white door of plastic. Behind that white door, five boys have to wait for their romantic dates. Now, when there is a doorknob spinning, it figures out which date will be seen when a dating player gets the opportunity to open that mysterious door.

How The Game Is Played?

Four boys now then dress up for a special romantic date. Further, one boy wears some everyday clothes. That boy is the one you need to avoid, named as the “dud.” 4 boys that are all set for their special dates have their attire for the following theme:

  • Skiing
  • Formal Dance
  • Bowling
  • The Beach

Teen girls who play the board game heap up cards that correspond to four secret dates. Every card showcases an outfit part that the girl is wearing for the special date of hers. Further, once the player attains a set of coded cards of matching colors (present in the set of three), it settles on the square of the game board labeled as an “open door.”

Now, the girl gets an amazing opportunity to open that door to unveil the secret date. Once the door opens, one out of three things occur:

  • If the cards of the player match the date that is unveiled, that player becomes victorious, plus the game ends there.
  • In a case where cards of the player don’t match the mystery date that’s unveiled, then players have the cards plus they play moves, continuing the game to the next person.
  • If in case the date unveiled is the one that is “dud,” the teen girl player loses her game cards. Next, she draws fresh cards from the pile of cards. Now, she plays moves continuing the game to the next person.

Furthermore, at the time of the game, the players collect cards as:

Game Rules

  • Players take them from a different plater
  • Mystery date players heap up card by taking from the deck of cards
  • Players accumulate cards by drawing from a discard pile
  • Door
  • Game Board
  • Game Pieces
  • 5-Date Cards
  • 48-Cards (out of each of the 12 cards comprises of the color blue, green, yellow, and pink)
  • There are four stands of plastic alongside a teen girl who is playing a piece attached to every girl wearing various shades housecoat
  • One player dies
  • On the inside cover of the box’ top, the instructions of the game are mention or located.

Reissue Of The Mystery Date Board Game In The Year 2005 For The Company’s 40th Anniversary


For celebrating the 40th anniversary of the top-class mystery date board game, Hasbro company redeemed the original mystery date game’s updated version. Next, the game has a recommendation for children aging up to seven.

The game pieces, as well as the gameplay, have a similar playing process when you compare them with the original version of the game in 1965. Some possible dates comprise the below:

  • A nerd formally called the dud
  • Snowboarding
  • The prom
  • A picnic on a bicycle
  • The beach

Add-On Mystery Date Game Versions

There are a bulk of add-on mystery date game versions. In addition to this, all the versions of this game are based on original edition’ gameplay.

  • “Mystery Date Game – Sparkle & Shine”
  • “High School Musical 3 Mystery Date”
  • “High School Musical Mystery Date

Where You Can Find This Mystery Date Game:

  • Board Games
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Bonanzle
  • Toys R Us

Mystery Date Board Game is all mysterious loving fun play for teens that you can find at various online websites!

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