How To Choose The Right Knitted Gloves?

How To Choose The Right Knitted Gloves

If you’re looking for a pair of knitted gloves to wear to work or go outside, then simply going to your local store and picking out a pair may seem like a simple task. However, there have been many recent developments in the knitting industry.

Your choice has been made more complicated by several factors. A lot of these factors were not in play before because your choice in the matter was limited.

There were only a few knitted glove manufacturers and they offered it the same. However, nowadays many new options have come into the market. With the rise of new options, you should be wary of picking a pair of gloves that are right for you.

We’ve covered all the major factors that you should consider before buying a pair of knitted gloves. Take a look.

Material Of The Knitted Gloves

 How To Choose The Right Knitted Gloves

How To Choose The Right Knitted Gloves

The material with which a pair of gloves is made is the single-most-important factor. The cost of your gloves will usually reflect the material that has been used to make it. More expensive gloves will usually be made of higher-quality materials.

The material has great bearing on the durability of your pair of gloves. Knitted gloves are usually made of yarn. However, the yarn has many types with varying levels of quality. Before purchasing knitted gloves, you should check the method with which the yarn has been plied. How the gloves have been plied can be ascertained by the way in which the threads of the yarn have been twisted around each other.

Good gloves manufacturers are careful of only buying yarn that has been specifically plied for making gloves. There is a certain which the yarn for a glove needs to be plied to ensure the durability of the glove as well as the level of comfort.

What Is The Weight Of The Knitted Gloves?

It is a mistake to assume that the weight of a pair of gloves is indicative of its quality. Usually, manufacturers add low-quality but heavy fibers to the gloves to increase the weight. This increase can fool a buyer into thinking that the gloves are of a higher quality than they are.

To correctly check the quality of a pair of knitted gloves, you should take a look at the “ends” of the glove’s yarn. First, turn them inside out so you can see the insides of the glove. Hence, if you see a lot of ends, then the glove is of high quality. The more ends, the higher the quality of the gloves.

Check The Finishing Of The Glove

 How To Choose The Right Knitted Gloves

How To Choose The Right Knitted Gloves

Before making a purchase, remember to take a look at the overall finishing of the gloves. The overcasting, or the method of finishing a glove, greatly enhances the life of a glove. You can assure by checking the finishing of the top of the cuff of the gloves.

You should be looking at how tight the stitches of the gloves are. The tighter they are, the less chance there is of the gloves unraveling.


If you check the above factors before purchase your knitted gloves, then you can safely say that you have made a high-quality purchase. Also, there are several knock-off brands out there, so you should be aware of the ways to ascertain quality in a pair of gloves.

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